Saturday, September 25, 2010

Warhammer after 2 years it's not bad.

I just re-subbed to Warhammer and I'm having fun! Yes, it's true I am. This is my 3rd time around with WAR and I'm having a blast this time. In fact the only reason I'm posting this is because the server is down and I have a few moments to say... the game is good.

If only they would have released it in it's current state.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nothing to play

If massively multiplayer online games were able to cure cancer and able to insert money into my wallet I think I'd rather die of pancreatic cancer and eat ramen noodles while resisting chemotherapy if I was forced to play any of the currently available MMO's.

This is a sad state. Maybe I'm jaded by $50 gimmicks and free to play monopolies that I've begun to wonder if investing in a time machine to move me to 1 year from now would be a better place to put my money than in an MMO for entertainment. Seriously, can these choices today be any worse? Even the good free to play games leach money from you at every inconvenience(that they created) until you feel like an overweight mouse in a wheel only getting the “type” of exercise that is allowed to you.

The Pay to Play isn't doing any better. What games are available to play? Sandboxes have one option at the moment and no, EVE and Mortal Online don't count. Why? EVE is so secluded and obscure it is it's own type of sandbox and Mortal Online has a timer on it. So that leaves Darkfall, which I love to death but, there isn't much of a game there now a days unless you picked it up from the start(c'mon Darkfall 2010! or 2011...). That leaves the current theme parks and this bunch have me so full of bile that the aspect of playing them is akin to developing pancreatic cancer from eating so many ramen noodles that playing them cures you from said cancer but, kills your dog, punches you in the face, steals your girl, all the while knowing that you chose to pay for it to happen to you.

So after reading all this, you the reader would wonder what the hell I'd even be hoping for on the horizon that would be worth a sizable investment in time travel? That my dear and beloved new reader is left for time to decide at it's own pace. Let's just say I have some hopes in all aspects of the genre. But, only after a purchase and thorough test would I suggest whether an MMO is worth investing in time manipulation or not(hence defeating the theme I created here). Considering the current state of MMO's it's only fair to have history repeat itself.